Shaker / Track-out / Rumble / Rattle Plates & Grates

Reduce the amount of dirt, mud and other debris that gets tracked out of a construction site and onto public areas with shaker plates. You will find these plates in a variety of designs, sizes and materials. Dirt falls through the slots as these plates work in most terrains. Use them on dirt, rock, and gravel as well as with asphalt. Every entrance and exit to a construction site needs these plates in place to cut down on the amount of sediment being tracked onto public walkways and roadways.

National SWPPP has shaker plates on site and ready for delivery to any job site. Our shaker plates are both made on a platform that allows the rocks and dirt to fall through the plate and not build up on top or the traditional shaker plates build on a 8’x10’ 1” thick steel plate with angle iron welded on top with edges cut at a angle to save tires.