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FODS Construction Entrance / Exit TC-1

Track-out Control Mat System TC-1

The FODS Reusable Construction Entrance/Exit is an effective stormwater BMP for minimizing track-out on construction sites. The Track-out Control Mat system is made of durable HDPE matting which is formed into pyramids across the surface. As vehicles exit the job site, the pyramids deform tires allowing debris, mud, and sediment to dislodge from the tire treads. Sediment collects at the base of the pyramids away from vehicle tires.

FODS are highly efficient at containing sediment and can improve compliance with California Water Board stormwater permit requirements. Independent studies have shown that FODS can reduce street sweeping by up to 59% compared to traditional stone stabilized construction entrances,* event on high traffic volume projects. The FODS system can be anchored over a variety of substrates including dirt, asphalt and concrete, and the whole system can be installed in as little as 30 minutes.

The Track-out Control Mat System is modular and can be configured to the dimensions needed on each project. A five mat layout is commonly used as a stand-alone construction entrance. While steel shaker plates are commonly used in conjunction with rock, FODS are typically used without additional measures to contain sediment.

*Source: Harris County Flood Control District

FODS Construction Entrance / Exit TC-1 System installed adjacent to active roadway.

CASQA and CalTrans BMP Guides

Many cities in the greater San Diego area, including Temecula, have adopted the CASQA BMP Handbook as a guide for stormwater permitting on construction projects. The Water Boards reference the CASQA BMP Handbook as a guide and expected contractors to use effective techniques to mitigate track-out. Contractors can implement any effective BMP of their choice including rock entrances, wheel wash systems, steel plates or the highly effective FODS Track-out Control System. Guidance on the Construction Entrance/Exit is listed in section TC-1 (see letter from the State Water Resources Control Board).

Highway projects in California operated by the DOT (CalTrans) use the CalTrans Construction Site BMP Manual which includes similar details about containing sediment on the job. Highway projects often use FODS because the system is effective even when space is constrained. In Colorado the DOT uses 35' of FODS on highway projects which replace a 70' rock entrance. CalTrans highway projects can also relocate the mats throughout each phase of the project. Additional, contractors using FODS can reduce risk of aggregate that migrates onto active roadways from traditional stone construction entrances.

1x5T layout is a complete solution to replace stone stabilized construction entrances.

1x5T Layout

For projects of any size, FODS are able to be configured as needed. The most common configuration is the 1x5T layout which is designed to be used without additional techniques such as aggregate, steel shaker plates, or a wheel wash system.

The FODS Track-out Control System can be rented or purchased outright for repeated use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are FODS?

FODS are an effective, reusable BMP designed to clean vehicle tires as they exit a construction site. The BMP falls under track-out control in the CASQA guide and is listed as TC-1.

What are the dimensions of FODS mat?

The mat comes in one size which is 12' wide and 7' in the direction of travel. A standard layout includes five mats installed in series, and the 12' width creates a single width lane for exiting traffic. An additional mat is often installed to create a "T" shape and provide a wide turning radius adjacent to the roadway.

Standard 1x5T Configuration

Are FODS an effective BMP for track-out control?

Yes. Side-by-side comparisons have shown that FODS Track-out Control Mats can reduce street sweeping by 59% compared to traditional stone stabilized construction entrance.

How are FODS Construction Entrance/Exit installed?

FODS can be installed in under 30 minutes and installation does not require heavy equipment. The mats are pulled into place using the mat moving tools (ie. hooks) and anchored to the substrate using stakes. If the mats are being installed over hardscape such as concrete or asphalt, the stakes are replaced with concrete screws. Optional hardware can be used to connect the mats together.

How are FODS maintained compared to rock?

Traditional construction entrance systems are composed of rock driveways which are installed at the beginning of a project. During the project the rock will become compacted and will need to be maintained and repaired. The entrances are repaired by additional by adding more rock to the entrance. When rain events occur, the entrance may degrade quickly and require frequent repairs. After the project is complete, the rock is excavated and replaced with top soil before final stabilization and remediation.

FODS can be installed one time on the project and is easily maintained by a quick cleaning. The cleaning can be completed manually or with a power broom. By cleaning sediment off the mats, the entrance is fully restored. When the project is complete, the mats can be moved to the next project to be reused.

What is the removal process?

The removal process for traditional construction entrances involves excavating the rock and transporting the rubble to a disposal site. After the area is excavated the construction entrance must be filled with top soil and prepared for final stabilization.

When using FODS, contractors can simply pick up the mats and move them to the next project to be reused. There is no excavation required and remediation is minimal.

What is the lifespan of a FODS Track-out Control mat?

FODS are extremely durable and designed to last for 10+ years in the field. The system can be reused on each phase of the project and relocated to new job sites in a standard size utility trailer.

Do traditional construction exits have roadway hazards?

Many construction projects take place in dense urban environments, and highway projects progress along busy roadways. When traditional stone construction entrances are installed, rock and aggregate is introduced to the exit/entrance points which can migrate out into the active roadways causing dangerous conditions. In addition, smaller rock pieces can become lodged in dual tire vehicles and be expelled at high speeds.

Since the FODS system does not use rock, both of these hazards are avoided. Contractors using FODS on urban and highway projects can provide a safer environment for the construction crews and travelers. In addition, the FODS system is able to be quickly relocated throughout the project without requiring multiple truck loads of aggregate to be removed and transported to the new location.

Are FODS Recyclable?

Yes! FODS Mats are made of 100% Recyclable HDPE material which can be reused in consumer products multiple times over.

Where are FODS made?

The FODS Reusable Construction Entrance Mats are 100% made in the USA.