FODS Ground Protection Mats (4' x 8')

4' x 8' and only 87 lbs

The four bolt bracket connects four mats together to form a larger surface for staging to temporary roads.

Temporary Site Access Matting

Ground Protection Mats are used for a wide range of applications including event flooring, site access and protecting substrates. The matting system is often installed over lawns to build temporary roadways which provide access for construction vehicles white protecting the soft substrate from rutting. During renovation projects, the Ground Protection Mats can be installed over finished flooring to prevent construction activities from damaging flooring which will remain in the finished project.

FODS Ground Protection Matting is 4' wide by 8' long. Each mat weight just 87 lbs and can be easily carried by hand. Each mat includes holes around the perimeter which can be used secured together using the connecting hardware.

The mats can support up to 80 tons depending on the substrate. The matting has two textured sides which provide tread patterns for vehicle and pedestrian use.

Protects brick flooring during demolition / renovation.

Built-in handles for easy transportation.

Floor Protection Matting

The matting system provides contractors with a reusable solution to floor protection. Compared to using plywood or scrap materials, FODS Mats are durable and can be reused to provide a consistent and cost effective solution to site access. The mats can be used in wet conditions without any degradation to performance or durability. Ground Protection Mats are also used to staging areas for material storage and parking.

Staging and Parking Mats

Staging equipment and materials is a common use case for Ground Protection Mats. The mats are connected together to provide a parking for construction vehicles and trailers to provide a clean and stable substrate. The mats can be installed using either vehicle tread patterns or pedestrian tread patterns for each use case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ground Protection Mats?

FODS Ground Protection Mats are a multi-purpose matting material which can be used to create a staging areas, temporary roadways, or other access paths for vehicles and pedestrians. They are commonly used as a durable replacement anywhere that plywood or OSB might be used to protect concrete, landscaping or other substrates.

What are the dimensions of a Ground Protection Mat?

Ground Protection Mats comes in one size which is 4' wide and 8' long, the same as a standard sheet of plywood. The mats can be linked together to build any size and shape needed for the job whether that be around the perimeter of a building or as a roadway for site access.

What is the maximum weight capacity?

The weight capacity of FODS Ground Protection Mats is 200 PSI. However the mats are flexible, so the weight limit is usually determined by the substate. The mats are not designed for bridging.

How are Ground Protection Mats connected together?

Ground Protection Mats can be placed on the ground and linked together using connecting hardware. The hardware consists of bolts and brackets which come in two varieties. Brackets will use either two or four bolts. The four bolt brackets are used in throughout the surface to connect four mats together at the corners of the mats, and the two bolt brackets are used to connect two mats together along the perimeter.

What is the lifespan of a Ground Protection Mats?

Ground Protection Mats can be used on multiple projects as they do not degrade during rain events. The HDPE can withstand years of regular use and have an expected life span of 10+ years.

Are Ground Protection Mats Recyclable?

Yes! Ground Protection Mats are made of Recyclable HDPE material which can typically be recycled 12 times into new consumer products.

Where are Ground Protection Mats made?

The FODS Ground Protection Mats are 100% made in the USA.