Shaker Plates, BMP & Construction Site Services


Here at National SWPPP we offer the best-in-class BMPs for erosion and sediment control, and full service construction site solutions. As a supplier of stormwater BMPs, we are both knowledgeable and specialized to help you fulfill your budget requirements while minimizing the environmental impact of your project. Our solutions enable contractors to get the projects started quickly knowing that the right practices are in place to meet the need.

We are proud to offer the most modern and effective track-out control mats on the market to fulfill the Stabilized Construction Entrance/Exit TC-1 requirements. In addition, many of the wide range of SWPPP BMP solutions we offer are available for both purchase and rent with full service installation available. See our full range of erosion and sediment control and construction site solutions including construction plate entrances, exits, trench tops, and temporary chain link fencing.

With local storage yards near Temecula, National SWPPP keeps a ready supply of popular BMPs to full the needs of the projects from San Diego to Los Angeles. We also work to build custom orders and custom designs to provide the equipment needed to keep your job running smoothly. At National SWPPP you can expect the best from us and our employees. All employees have the experience as well as crane certification to meet all safety requirements. Attention to detail is our highest priority with every job so we can build a lifelong relationship.


Track-out Control Mats

The Modern, Effective BMP for minimizing construction vehicle tracking. The reusable system consists of a single layer of HDPE matting which is formed into pyramids on the surface which dislodge debris that is stuck in tire treads. Mats weigh 430 lbs and can be deployed in under 30 minutes.

Ground Protection Mats

Prevent rutting and protect finished flooring with FODS Ground Protection Mats. The 4' x 8' mats can be used to create a temporary staging area or site access during demolition and construction activities.  Esch mat weighs just 87 lbs and can be linked together to fit the needs of your project.

Chain Link Fencing

Protect your construction site and equipment from vandalism or theft with chain link fencing. This product is affordable and easy to set up for temporary use.


Block unauthorized access to a construction site with the use of the k-rail barrier wall. Made of concrete and reinforced by steel, these barriers hold up to almost anything that comes their way.

Shaker Plates

Reduce the amount of dirt, mud and other debris that gets tracked out of a construction site and onto public areas with shaker plates.

Trench Tops / Plates

Our Trench Tops come in 11 standard sizes. We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality trench tops (trench plates) and there is no size we can’t get upon request.

Storm Water Pollution  Prevention Plan

Sand / Gravel Bags

Protect delicate or valuable areas from water overflow with high-quality sandbags. Sandbags have been used for centuries to protect buildings and other areas from floodwaters.

Jute Netting

Prevent erosion of the land around your construction site with erosion control netting. Jute netting comes in a range of sizes to fit your area.

Landscape Staples

Three inches longer than the typical landscape staple, these nine-inch landscape staples will withstand more pressure.

Straw Wattle

Prevent erosion of the land around your construction site with erosion control netting. Jute netting comes in a range of sizes to fit your area.

Safety Barrier Fence

Protect your construction site with a safety barrier fence. This product prevents unauthorized access, which could lead to vandalism, theft or injury to the other person.

Coconut Fiber Blanket

Also known as coir blankets or mats, coconut fiber blankets are biodegradable options to prevent erosion for the long-term.

Plastic Poly Sheeting

Plastic poly sheeting has many uses as a window cover, protection for countertops or floors, and covering for building materials.

Curb Inlet Protection

Curb Inlets are much like drop inlet filters except water drains through a horizontal opening in the curb cut.

Witches Hat

Prevent contaminants from getting into the water system with a witches hat. This product works as a filter to prevent sediments from getting into pipes and clogging the system.


Liners for ponds, lakes and canals use a variety of plastic sheeting called, High Density Polyethylene or HDPE to line their basins.  This virgin poly will hold up to the sun and elements

Straw Blankets

Straw Blankets are used on channels and slopes to provide temporary ground cover while allowing normal vegetation to mature while also providing moisture retention, slope protection, and reducing water velocity.

Hard Surface Guard

Hard Surface Guard is designed to flex back and forth in light traffic environments and can be reshaped after deformation. The system can be anchored with nails, liquid cement,  gravel bags or anchors and easily removed.